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Get a Literary Agent

If you're looking for a literary agent, we've got Publishing Game books, audios, workshops, kits, consulting, and articles just for you.

The Publishing Game: Find an Agent in 30 Days is a day-by-day plan for snagging a literary agent and a big publisher. Learn what you must have in your proposal to snag an agent, and how to find the right agent for your proposal! The book includes contact information for 300+ literary agents. 224 pages, $19.95
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The Publishing Game Workshop is Fern's all-day seminar on finding a literary agent, self-publishing, and successfully promoting your book. Offered in 12 cities and limited to 18 attendees. $195
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The Publishing Game Workshop Audio Edition is Fern Reiss's complete Publishing Game workshop on audio CD. Now you can listen to Fern's popular workshop in the comfort of your own home or car. All the ideas from the books—and more. Standard Audio Edition: Course binder plus 5 audio CDs, $195. Or order the Professional Audio Edition: Course binder, 5 audio CDs, the essential three-book Publishing Game series, and a sturdy canvas Publishing Game totebag. $249
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The 15-Minute Literary Agent Kit is the world's easiest way to produce a professional literary agent proposal—and it takes only 15 minutes. Answer a series of on-line questions. Submit the answers—and we'll immediately e-mail you a PDF of a 30+ page, perfectly formatted, brilliantly-executed proposal that you can print out and mail to a top literary agent right now. Fern Reiss receives 6-figure offers for her proposals—and you can now get the benefits. This kit will save you weeks of time—and will produce the best, most professional proposal you've ever seen.
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Consulting is available if you've ordered our literary agent products and still have questions, or you're looking for personal guidance on your literary agent hunt. Fern Reiss offers individualized consulting by telephone, or in person for people in the Boston area. $300/hr.
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The Publishing Game Literary Agent Forum Pitch a prestigious literary agent via our email forum each week for five months, with feedback on how to improve your pitch from each literary agent guaranteed. Limited to just 20 authors to ensure individual attention; sign up now to save your space. $2400 for five months. Learn More


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Get a Literary Agent

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More Strategies to Find a Literary Agent

You’d love to find a literary agent for your next book, but you’ve heard that it’s impossible. Nonsense! Here’s where you should look if you’re interested in locating a literary agent.  Read more of this article on finding a literary agent.

Five Secrets First Time Authors Need to Know

Writing the book was the easy part; now comes the challenge. But understand these five secrets, unknown by many professional writers, and you'll find your path to publication much smoother—and much more profitable.   Read more of this article on finding a literary agent.

Find a Literary Agent or Self-Publish: How to Decide

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What Your Literary Agent Won't Do

There are lots of good reasons to use a literary agent, but there are also a lot of things even the best literary agent won’t do for you.   Read more of this article on finding a literary agent.

Five Things Your Publisher Won't Tell You

There are many, many good reasons to seek a large publisher for your book. But there are also many reasons why writers, who’ve danced in jubilation at landing a big publisher, aren’t laughing anymore even just a few months after their book comes out.   Read more of this article on traditional publishing

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