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Did you know that books that aren't publicized stay in bookstores just six months—and then are remaindered and go out of print, often forever? If you're interested in catapulting your book to bestsellerdom, whether you've got a literary agent and publisher, or you're self-published, we've got the Publishing Game books, audios, workshops, kits, consulting, and articles for you.

The Publishing Game: Bestseller in 30 Days is a day-by-day plan for promoting your book successfully. Learn how to get the publicity your book needs. 208 pages, $19.95
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The Publishing Game Workshop is Fern's all-day seminar on finding a literary agent, self-publishing, and successfully promoting your book. Offered in 12 cities and limited to 18 attendees. $195
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The Publishing Game Workshop Audio Edition is Fern Reiss's complete Publishing Game workshop on audio CD. Now you can listen to Fern's popular workshop in the comfort of your own home or car. All the ideas from the books—and more. Standard Audio Edition: Course binder plus 5 audio CDs, $195.

Or order the Professional Audio Edition: Course binder, 5 audio CDs, the essential three-book Publishing Game series, and a sturdy canvas Publishing Game totebag. $244
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Consulting is available if you've ordered our book promotion products and still have questions, or you're looking for personal guidance on how to best publicize your book. Fern Reiss offers individualized consulting by telephone, or in person for people in the Boston area. $300/hr
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“My consultation with Fern Reiss was one of the most productive hours that I have ever spent.”

—Vicky Oliver, author and advertising executive

The Expertizing Workshop is a full-day seminar on achieving fame for your expertise and media attention for your book and business. In the past six months, Fern Reiss has been quoted in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and over 100 other publications. In this intensive workshop, she'll share the secrets that will propel you to expert status and national media attention.
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The Expertizing Overview CD is a keynote address Fern gives at conferences and corporate gatherings for $10,000, available to you as an audio CD. Listen to Fern's popular Expertizing overview on how to achieve fame for your expertise and position yourself as a name brand to the media and the public. $95.00
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Book Promotion Articles

‘Kickstarting’ Your Book Project: Crowdfunding “The Breast Cancer Checklist”

Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, and their plethora of look alikes, collectively known as crowdfunding, are the new way creatives (filmmakers, artists, musicians, and authors) are funding their projects, and getting publicity at the same time. Find out how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign. Read more of this article on book marketing.

Publicize Your Novel

The publishing question I am most-often asked is, “How do I publicize my novel?” Publicizing a novel is not much more difficult than publicizing nonfiction. Here are some innovative methods of novel publicity to get you started.  Read more of this article on book marketing.

Get Publicity in Magazines

Here, some seldom-considered tips on getting more publicity for your book and business, straight from the top journalists and literary agents who participated in our Expertizing® Publicity Forum:  Read more of this article on book marketing.

Sell More Books to Libraries

You can sell lots of books to libraries—if you know how to approach the library market. Here are my top tips on breaking into this lucrative part of the book business:  Read more of this article on book marketing.

How to Publicize Children’s Books

Many authors of children’s books don't spend much time trying—but publicizing a children’s book can be easier than publicizing an adult novel. Here’s how to get started:  Read more of this article on book marketing.

Sell Your Book Without Bookstores

In the last four weeks, one of my clients sold over 10,000 books, without ever hassling with bookstores.  Here’s how your book can generate this kind of quantity sales this quickly:   Read more of this article on book marketing.

Getting People To Your Website: How to Easily Do Top-Notch Search Engine Optimization

One of the most common laments in the business world is, “But now that I have a website for my book/business, how do I get people to find it?” Putting up the website is only half the battle; unless people are able to find it, you won't be improving your business. Learn how to fly to the top of the search engines—and stay there.   Read more of this article on book marketing.

BookExpo America (BEA): Maximize Your Profits and Connections

If you're heading off to Book Expo America (BEA) this month, you already know that it’s the largest book trade event held in the U.S. and second only to the Frankfurt Book Fair internationally. And whether you're exhibiting a self-published book at the show, signing autographs in your publisher's booth, or just planning to walk the floor, you can make it a more profitable experience. Here's how.   Read more of this article on book marketing.

The Boomerang Publicity Effect

This week, I received email from a top literary agent informing me that my Publishing Game books are going to be featured in her forthcoming book—which is already a book club selection and will be displayed in a Barnes and Noble endcap for two months. Will this help my own book sales? You bet. And being mentioned in other people's books is just one way to generate attention for your own book.   Read more of this article on book marketing.

Publicize Your Novel

“It’s so much harder to publicize a novel,” is the lament of many authors. Harder maybe, but not impossible. Try these methods of novel publicity.   Read more of this article on book marketing.

Getting Reviews

All reviewers hate self-published books. But that doesn't mean you can't get your book reviewed.   Read more of this article on book marketing.

Tip Sheets

Getting newspaper and magazine coverage for your book can be challenging. The book review section has disappeared from many publications; the lifestyle section is very competitive. But a simple tip sheet from your book can get you into almost any publication in America.   Read more of this article on book marketing.

Get More Customers!

Regardless of whether you're selling books, products, or services, the ultimate goal is to get more paying customers. Right? Here are some of my techniques for doing just that.   Read more of this article on book marketing.

Making Hay at Conferences

Here's how to get the most from conferences you attend.   Read more of this article on book marketing.

I Love My Independent Bookstore Contest

“To really get bookstore attention, you need to do a fancy PR campaign,” someone advised me. “It can cost $10,000 a month!” But I got attention from every bookstore in the country. My monthly expenditure? $50.   Read more of this article on book marketing.

Thinking Seasonally:
How to Sell Your Book Creatively Every Month of the Year

You don't need to limit your holiday sales to Christmas. You can do it every month of the year.   Read more of this article on book marketing.

July 4 Opportunity

Savvy book folk will wait to take their July 4th holiday until several days after the 4th. Read more of this article on book marketing.

Selling Books Outside the Bookstore

Bookstores are terrible places to sell books. But you can sell thousands of books each year to non-bookstore outlets. Read more of this article on book marketing.

Lessons from the Job Hunt

I had fifty applicants and only one job to offer. Who would win it—and why? And what the heck does this have to do with book promotion? Read more of this article on book marketing.

BEA Blog

Book Expo America is the largest book event for the trade held in the U.S. (and second only to the Frankfurt Book Fair internationally.) Nonetheless, not all authors and small publishers are able to make it to Book Expo. For the curious, here is one author/independent publisher’s experiences, culled from my blog. Read more of this article on book marketing.

Six Things Your Publicist Won't Tell You

Hiring a publicist could be the best thing you could do for your book. Or it could be a huge money sink with no dividends. If you’re considering hiring a publicist for your book, learn what your publicist won’t tell you. Read more of this article on book marketing.

Successful Book Tours & How to Plan One

Are book tours worth the time and money? Or is it more effective to do your publicity from the comfort of your own home? Read more of this article on book marketing.

How They'll Find Your Book Online
Winning at Search Engine Optimization

Here are the first five things you need to know to quickly increase your book website's ranking in the search engines. Read more of this article on book marketing.

Successful Email Management for Writers and Publishers

Lately, a lot of people have been asking me about my email management techniques. With two businesses, several PR clients, dozens of journalists, over 1000 emails a day, and no end in sight, how do I get it all done? Read more of this article on book marketing.

Book Signings and Book Fairs: How to Sell More Books

Ever do a booksigning where you didn't sell a single book? Ever go to a book fair where you ended up spending more than you earned? It doesn't have to be that hard. Here's how to maximize your sales at any book signing or book fair. Read more of this article on book marketing.

Use an Email Newsletter to Promote Your Book

One of the easiest ways to beef up your sales is by doing an email newsletter. And it needn't take more than a few minutes each month. Here's how to get started. Read more of this article on book marketing.

Create a National Association

Creating a national association quickly positions you as the expert in a niche. Moreover, it positions you as an authority to both the general public and the media. I recently helped one of my Expertizing clients create a national association to showcase her expertise. Katie Jay weighed more than 300 pounds when she underwent the weight loss surgery that changed her life. Now, having slimmed down to a size 8, she's created the National Association for Weight Loss Surgery. Here's how she did it-and how you can create a national association to enhance your positioning and book sales. Read more of this article on book marketing.

Be a Sought-After Speaker

You might be the best speaker in the world—but if you don't know how to behave on the speakers’ circuit, you won't end up with a lot of bookings. Agencies and organizations far prefer to work with and book professional speakers who know how to conduct themselves. Whether you're just breaking in to a speaking career, or you've been speaking professionally for years, consider these suggestions to catapult your speaking career to the next level. Read more of this article on book marketing.

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