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If you're interested in self-publishing, we've got Publishing Game books, audios, workshops, consulting, and articles for you.

The Publishing Game: Publish a Book in 30 Days is a step-by-step guide to self-publishing your own book. Before you invest $3,000 on publishing, take this $20 comprehensive course to learn everything you need to do it yourself right. 256 pages, $19.95
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The Publishing Game Workshop is Fern's all-day seminar on finding a literary agent, self-publishing, and successfully promoting your book. Offered in 12 cities and limited to 18 attendees. $195
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The Publishing Game Workshop Audio Edition is Fern Reiss's complete Publishing Game workshop on audio CD. Now you can listen to Fern's popular workshop in the comfort of your own home or car. All the ideas from the books—and more. Standard Audio Edition: Course binder plus 5 audio CDs, $195

Or order the Professional Audio Edition: Course binder, 5 audio CDs, the essential three-book Publishing Game series, and a sturdy canvas Publishing Game totebag. $244
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Consulting is available if you've ordered our self-publishing products and still have questions, or you're looking for personal guidance on self-publishing. Fern Reiss offers individualized consulting by telephone, or in person for people in the Boston area. $300/hr
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“My consultation with Fern Reiss was one of the most productive hours that I have ever spent.”

—Vicky Oliver, author and advertising executive


Self-Publishing Articles

The Essentials New Publishers Need to Know

So you're ready to publish your first book? Keep in mind the following tips and you'll find the path to success much smoother.   Read more of this article on self-publishing.

Print on Demand

Until now, I've recommended that Print on Demand publishing (POD) really isn't ideal for most books.   Read more of this article on self-publishing.

Find a Literary Agent or Self-Publish: How to Decide

You've decided to publish a book. But how?   Read more of this article on self-publishing.

Book Covers

Have you fallen prey to the classic mistake of new self-publishers? Have you spent a lot of time and energy on your book's content—and then whipped off your own book cover? Don't do it.   Read more of this article on self-publishing.

The Skinny on ISBNs

All books sold in bookstores must have ISBNs. But if you don't play your cards right, you might make a big mistake with this most basic of publishing labelers.   Read more of this article on self-publishing.

Five Things Your POD Subsidy Publisher Won't Tell You

There are several good reasons to consider POD/subsidy publishers. But there are also many reasons why they’re not the most appropriate choice for most book projects.   Read more of this article on self-publishing.

When Your Topic is Timely

A client emailed me describing a book he is publishing on the current middle eastern crisis and asking my opinion. If you've ever contemplated doing a ‘hot’ book, you'll know how tempting and compelling the thought can be. But there are dangers in doing a newsworthy book. If you're thinking about publishing on a hot timely topic, read on.   Read more of this article on self-publishing.

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