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The 15-Minute Literary Agent Kit

(Coming soon)

Did you know:

  • That the most important part of your submission to a literary agent is the marketing proposal?
  • That literary agents can decide whether to accept manuscripts based solely on the marketing plan?
  • That ho-hum manuscripts with great marketing plans have a better chance of acceptance than incredible manuscripts with no marketing plans?
  • That your publishing house is likely to do little or no marketing of your book?
  • That books that aren’t marketed aggressively usually stay on bookstore shelves for just six months—and are then remaindered, often going out of print?

Do you feel that the quality of your literary agent proposal isn’t up to the quality of your manuscript? That you don’t really know what literary agents are looking for—or what types of marketing information to include in your proposal?

Did you know that an exceptionally strong marketing plan can make the difference between flat-out rejection and a multi-figure advance?

If you know you need to improve the quality of your marketing plan, but haven’t been sure of where to start, try our new 15-Minute Literary Agent Kit. You’ll get not only a killer proposal—but you’ll also receive all the marketing details and contact information you’ll need to launch your book on the path to bestsellerdom.

Publishing Game author Fern Reiss has been offered six-figure advances for several of her books. All her tips and techniques are in this kit—so now you can benefit. Here’s how it works:

  • Sign up and pay for the kit.
  • Spend 15 minutes or so filling out the convenient online form.
  • Within minutes, we’ll email you back a 30-50 page, professionally-formatted marketing plan, ready to pop into an envelope and mail to a literary agent.

This is the easiest way we could think of to offer Fern’s expert literary agent advice with both an affordable pricetag and a minimal time commitment. (And once you’ve purchased it, you can play with the online kit for as long as one month, refining and polishing your proposal. Though the truth is, most authors find they only need about fifteen minutes to create a marketing plan beyond their wildest dreams.)

Your finished marketing plan will include details of:

  • Endorsements you’ll elicit for your book
  • Quantity sales you’ll try to generate, including association purchases, airport bookstores, and corporate bookfairs
  • Pre-orders you can pursue
  • Media coverage you’ll be able to generate
  • Speaking engagements that will help in book sales and visibility
  • Specifics of marketing to libraries
  • Specifics of marketing to bookstores
  • Additional, out-of-the-box marketing
  • Publicity budgets and details
  • And much, much more

Literary agents have called Fern Reiss’s proposals the most comprehensive, and powerful plans they’ve ever seen. Enjoy the benefits of her expertise and sign up now.


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